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Best Casino Loyalty Programs for Australian Players

Jenna james | October 27, 2023 | Updated on: February 8th, 2024

Loyalty programs are a strategy that casinos online employ to ensure players do not drop off. They do this by offering Aussie punters bonuses and other perks in appreciation of their loyalty.

This was a strategy that brick-and-mortar casinos employed to reward high spenders, by giving them complimentary offers, informally referred to as ‘comps.’

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Types of Loyalty Programs

As loyalty and VIP programs become even more common, casinos continue to try and beat each other in terms of creativity and incentives. Below, are the different types of loyalty programs:

Generic Loyalty Program

This is a loyalty program where the casino rewards AU players with loyalty points – also called the comp points – for placing real money stakes, usually 1 loyalty point every time they wager a specific amount wagered. The loyalty points get accumulated in the player’s casino account as he continues to bet and play.

This kind of loyalty program is available to all real money casino players at most casinos. The casinos advertise the presence of such programs and the availability of comp points directly on their site.

VIP Loyalty Program

The term ‘loyalty’ might sound politically incorrect; that is why most online gambling sites use a word that sounds much better, exclusive even, but delivers the same intent and rewards – a VIP program.

The VIP program is a loyalty program at a higher level. It is not only redeemable points that you get through this program; you also get a range of other casino bonuses and benefits as well in appreciation of your time and money. This program is a multi-tiered program that you enter at the access level.

How to Get to a VIP Loyalty Program

While the methodology is the same – you have to play often to be able to be part of a casino’s VIP loyalty program – the approach that casinos take also varies.

Some casinos give you access to the VIP program the moment you sign up with the casino for real money game-play and make your first deposit. These are casinos that are new and offer instant VIP enrolment as an incentive to new players. This includes other perks like no deposit bonuses and welcome casino bonuses. This is how it works out at these casinos:

  • The bettor signs up with the casino and makes their first deposit.
  • The casino offers players a bunch of loyalty points along with the regular welcome bonus on the first deposit.
  • These become the eligibility criteria for granting access to the VIP loyalty program.

Many online casinos believe in keeping the VIP program as exclusive as they can. And that is why these web casinos offer VIP membership at their discretion. The casinos monitor a player’s playing pattern and take the step to offer them VIP membership once they are assured that the player plays frequently and spends enough in doing so.

  1. The casino might contact the player directly and offer membership to the VIP loyalty program.
  2. The player can e-mail the support team requesting to access the casino’s VIP program.

Benefits of Online Casino Loyalty Programs

A multi-tiered VIP loyalty program provides casino players with a whole range of benefits. The higher up the levels you go the bigger, better, and even higher the bonuses you get. The following are the bonuses and perks you get as a member of a VIP program or club:

  • A higher value of bonuses and promotions
  • Exclusive VIP welcome bonuses
  • Exclusive bonuses and promotions
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Special games
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Faster cashout times
  • Higher comp point conversion rates
  • Special and exclusive holiday packages
  • Special gifts and freebies on special days like a player’s birthday or anniversary
  • Custom bonus packages
  • Cash bonuses and promotions
  • Personal VIP Account Manager
  • Entry to exclusive tournaments

Loyalty programs in online slots real money casinos reward players for their continued patronage and gameplay. These programs typically offer various incentives such as bonus cash, free spins, or exclusive promotions to loyal players. By regularly playing online slots real money, players can accumulate loyalty points or climb through tiers of VIP programs, unlocking increasingly valuable rewards and perks. These loyalty programs not only enhance the player experience but also provide additional value and incentives for players to stick with a particular online casino over the long term.

Online Casino VIP Program FAQs

What is a VIP Program for Australian players?

An online casino VIP program is a points-based loyalty system where AU players earn different rewards the more, they gamble online pokies and table games such as roulette or baccarat.

What games count the most towards earning points in Australia?

Probably casino games such as pokies, Online blackjack USA, roulette, etc. However, this varies from site to site. Review the promotions/bonus tab and do your homework to maximize your VIP rewards.

What can Australians receive in a VIP Program?

VIP rewards vary from casino to casino, though popular perks are cashback, free spins, tournament ticket entries, and reduced juice/vig on bets.

How do I get into a VIP Program in Australia?

In most cases, once you sign-up for a new online casino account and make your initial deposit, you’re automatically entered into the site’s VIP program. Some may require you to sign up separately or are by invite-only

Can I get into a VIP Program in Australia without making a deposit?

Likely not as the “very significant person” to the casino sites are the ones who wager the most and most often.