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Play European Blackjack Online

Jenna james | June 2, 2022 | Updated on: June 2nd, 2022

blackjack-21-300x168European Blackjack is one of the most popular blackjack online variations played at brick-and-mortar casinos. It is also one of the most played Blackjack variants that are played at online casinos! If you would like to play this game variant, have a look at our European Blackjack guide below. Here we probe into all the practical details of how to play it as well as the strategy.

Best European Blackjack Casinos


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What Is European Blackjack?

Same as other Blackjack games, European Blackjack is played against the dealer. The game usually uses 6 decks. Though, it is also possible to find other variants with 4 or even 8 decks. Additionally, there is also a variant played with 2 decks. In European Blackjack, the game dealer takes his hole card after he is dealt the player’s cards. The player’s objective in this variant is equal to the goal in the classic variant of Online Blackjack.

The goal is to beat the dealer at his own game by obtaining a Blackjack, a 21 or an overall score that is closest to 21. The card values in European Blackjack are the same as those in other Blackjack games.

European Blackjack Rules

European Blackjack is played using 6 decks of cards. Cards are re-shuffled after every round at online casinos and land-based casinos. The rules of European Blackjack are the same as those relating to Blackjack in its classic form – with a few distinct differences. Let us look at the rules of the game below:

  1. This variant of Online Blackjack is played with 6 decks. However, there are variants of the game played with 2-8 decks.
  2. The punter loses his total stake if the dealer has a Blackjack.
  3. Splitting 4s, 5s or 10-valued cards is not allowed.
  4. Aces can be split. Though, the bettor can only receive one other card on each ace.
  5. You can double after a split.
  6. The dealer stands on a soft 17.
  7. The game dealer always draws on 16.
  8. An insurance bet can be taken out by the gambler if he/she wishes to.
  9. Surrender is never allowable during this game.
European Blackjack casino game

European blackjack Strategy

The house edge for the European Blackjack game using between 4 and 8 decks is at around 0.42%. The change in the game rule requires an adjustment in the strategy to adopt for this variant of blackjack.

  • This becomes true particularly when the game dealer’s first card is an Ace or 10-value card.
  • The player will not know until his hand is complete what the dealer’s hand is.
  • That makes moves like doubling down and splitting risky, especially given that the dealer’s blackjack beats the player’s hand of 21.
  • Doubling down is reduced because of the following 2 rules:
  • Double down only for hands of 9 to 11.
  • No doubling on 11 against a dealer’s 10.
  • Splitting is reduced because of the rule related to splitting: no splitting of 4s, 5s, or 10-value cards that are not the same.

How to Play European Blackjack Online

Below we will take you through the European Blackjack game step-by-step. If you are new to blackjack, we recommend you look at our how to play blackjack guide to get used to the general rules first

STEP 1 – Join an Appropriate Table

As always, the goal is to get as close as you can to 21 without exceeding it. Once you have placed your stakes, you will then get your cards, and the dealer will deal two cards of their own.

STEP 2 -Hit or Stand?

Look at your hand, consulting basic strategy for online European Blackjack in the process, to determine whether you want to hit, stand, double your bet, or split your hand into more than one.

STEP 3 -Blackjack king, 4 and 5 cards

Eventually, the time will come that you have really improved your hand as you can. If that hand is equal to or under 21, you will really remain in the game with a chance to win.

STEP 4 – The Game Dealer Reveals Their Hand

Now the dealer reveals their face-down card and, where suitable, will hit the hand. If your hand beats the value of theirs then you win!

European Blackjack – Conclusion

European Blackjack is certainly one of the interesting versions of the game which is the reason a lot of players can find it online. It gives them great good chances of winning if they have all the reliable strategy and good skills. It is recommended for casino players to take their time and have a look at the rules of this variation as there are many subtleties that can have a significant impact on performance.

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